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Interesting stats


Interesting stats

We're 18th in the nation in time of possession (32:15)…I can't figure out why, but I guess when teams score so quickly on us, we do get the ball back right away.

We lead the nation in number of kick returns (25, next best is 21).

We also lead the nation in fourth down attempts (13, tied with UNLV).

We're 103rd in turnover ratio (-1.25).

We're 112th in total offense (230.25 ypg). Also, UNT is 117th, MTSU 114th and ULL 106th. Hooray Sun Belt!

We're 115th in passing efficiency. ULL is 119th and last.

We're 118th in kickoff return yardage allowed (UNT is last) and 104th in punt return yardage allowed.

We're 110th in rushing offense.
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Interesting stats

Here are more interesting Stats - Including Stats from ULM:

ULM - Against Opponents

3rd down conversions

Alcorn State: 5 of 13 (ULM W24-6)
Kansas: 5 of 14 (ULM L21-19)
Alabama: 3 of 12 (ULM L41-7)

Total: 13 of 39 - 33% conversion rate

 FAU - Against Opponents

 3rd down conversions

Clemson: 8 of 18 (L54-6)
Kansas St.: 2 of 15 (L45-0)
Oklahoma St.: 4 of 16 (L48-8)
USC: 2of 14 (L45-6)

Total: 16 of 63 - 25% conversion rate

 4th down conversions

Clemson: 0 of 1
Kansas St.: 3 of 7
Oklahoma St.: 1 of 2
USC: 2 of 3

4rd down: 6 of 13 - .46% conversion rate

Passing completion Rates:

Clayton - 44.6%
Smith - 47.3%

And the big one:

Penalties: 29 for 247 :o

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