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Miami Herald article on scheduleing and paydays..


Quotes from Coach Partridge as well as FIU, stAte, and other places. Interesting read.

Checkbooks and balances: Budgets and schedules key in college football landscape - Colleges - MiamiHerald.com


If their financial situations continue to deteriorate, many FCS teams might try to jump up to the FBS level, Hood said. That's where the money is going.

Smaller FBS schools such as FIU and FAU have become popular scheduling partners for big schools because of their FBS designation and willingness to travel, and they are reaping the benefits.

FAU will earn a combined $2.2 million by playing at Nebraska and Alabama during the first two weeks of the season. That equates to nearly a third of the Owls football program's total revenue during the 2012 football season.  In 2015, FAU will get $1 million to play Florida, just four years after traveling to Gainesville for only $500,000.  FAU will benefit even more going forward, coach Charlie Partridge said.

"The biggest thing we're seeing is teams from other conferences are willing to have conversations of home-and-home, where before those teams were looking more for one-game contracts," Partridge said. "That's where I'm seeing the biggest benefits."  Partridge said he wants to begin scheduling six home games rather than five, and that is finally becoming a possibility. He already has two nonconference home games lined up for 2015, with Miami and Buffalo.

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