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Miami's Recruit Williams get another chance


Miami's Recruit Williams get another chance

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Hopefully this guy will get the hint that he's out of chances. I'm sure the code of conduct will be VERY much enforced with him IF he's admitted.
IMO, I think that UM did the right thing by letting the legal system take it's course.

There are some on the FIU board who want Coach Strock to expell their 3 players for their recent misfortune. I say let them go through the system and then make the decision based on the severity.

USF has their main man in legal troubles. All World #5 B. Fisher is going through the system. C Leavitt will make his call after the court system is over.
UF has theirs with linebacker C. Crowder.

Too many legal issues can pop up if you jump the gun on these things.

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