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NCAA Replay


NCAA Replay

Are there any plays which we could have used the replay this year?

Any other thoughts?

NCAA panel OKs replay
The move allows for videotape review starting next season.
By Jorge Milian

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Friday, February 25, 2005

The use of instant replay in college football passed its final hurdle Wednesday when the NCAA's Planning Rules Oversight Panel approved expanded use of the concept next season.

The NCAA's Football Rules Committee, which includes Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer and Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, voted Feb. 10 to allow all Division I-A conferences to use instant replay but needed the endorsement of the oversight panel.

Any conference that wishes to use video replay must confirm its plans and the system it will use with the rules committee by June 1. Any exceptions to the system in place must be approved by the rules committee during a telephone conference call June 8.

The Big Ten became the first conference to experiment with replay last season. Unlike the NFL replay system, which allows coaches to challenge calls made on the field, the Big Ten formula left the challenges to a press box monitor who observed a game's television broadcast. When a questionable call occurred, the monitor would contact an on-field timer who stopped the clock while the play was reviewed.

Calls were overturned only if there was "indisputable evidence." During the 2004 season, 43 plays in the Big Ten were reviewed and 21 were overturned.

The ACC and Mountain West Conferences announced last week that they would use instant replay beginning with the 2005 season. The conferences are expected to use a system similar to the Big Ten's.

"I'd like to see us do exactly what the Big Ten did last season," Miami coach Larry Coker said. "I don't see a big push for coaches' challenges."

SEC officials also indicated they will adopt instant replay at a meeting of the conferences athletic directors in March.

"We'd like to have one uniform system in place by the start of the 2006 season," said Ty Halpin, NCAA liaison to the rules committee.

Video replays will be used only during the regular season.

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