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New Colt's Coach Praises Schnellenberger


New Colt's Coach Praises Schnellenberger

"The third question that one might ask is, ‘Who has been an influence on you and your career?’ I have been influenced by a number of great men in this profession and I want to recognize a few that have had a profound impact on my career."

"I worked for Howard Schnellenberger at the University of Louisville. Howard is a Bear Bryant clone. He measures his words the same way, a very hard-nosed individual. Let me tell you something, he could probably instill toughness in a teddy bear. He’s one of those guys that really does a great job in terms of setting standards for winning, and he continues to do so even today. He’s over 70 years old and I saw he just won his last bowl game. He’s won six straight bowl games and is down at Florida Atlantic."

- Jim Caldwell

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