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New Recruiting Guideline proposal


New Recruiting Guideline proposal

Would Boston's, on A1-A, be considered an upscale restaurant? :) What about the Radisson Bridge Resort Hotel?
I was hoping that we could tie the Boca Airport into our "freebie" recruiting process. Get off the plane,hop the fense and you're at the Oxley Center.. ;D

Recruiting reins likely to tighten

The NCAA could ban many amenities currently extended to potential athletes.

By Jeff Darlington
Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted April 15 2004

GAINESVILLE – The era of extravagant recruiting trips appears to be nearing its end as an NCAA task force will seek first approval next week on several recommendations to tighten the current policies.

That means private jets, luxurious hotel rooms, fancy dinners and upscale vehicles utilized to lure potential college athletes could be prohibited by the NCAA as soon as next season.

"We just need to get back to the basics," said Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley, a member of the 18-person Task Force on Recruiting. "We need to start making sure everybody is focused on the important aspects of an athlete's decision. It's not about how they got here, what they ate and where they slept. We need to get away from this other stuff."

The group will take its proposals to the Division I Management Council on Tuesday for approval; the Board of Directors then will conduct its own review April 29. NCAA President Myles Brand has pushed for a speedy resolution to have the "emergency legislation" in place by the start of the next academic year. The recommendations also will be circulated among the 31 conferences before the final report will be provided to the Management Council on July 19.

"I still think there's some work to do," Foley said. "Our time frame has been short. But I think it's a good start. I don't think it solves all the issues. But, bottom line, come July, there's going to be some new rules passed. It's going to happen."

Brand wanted restrictions put in place in the wake of highly publicized alleged sexual assaults committed by recruits at Colorado. As a result, schools could now be required to provide formal policies on alcohol and entertainment. Several other recommendations will be made as well:

Banning the use of hotel suites and special amenities such as Jacuzzis.

Extending the current ban on limousines to include vehicles with TVs or extravagant interiors.

Banning elaborate meals and offering only standard meals comparable to those provided to athletes during the academic year.

Banning "game-day simulations," including the use of personalized jerseys and video scoreboard presentations.

While none of the proposals deal with the behavioral issues of recruits on their 48-hour official visit, Foley said he wouldn't be surprised if such legislation also was installed.

"Those final decisions haven't been made there, but I think there's going to be some recommendations in that area as well," he said.

At Florida, administrators met Tuesday to work on the installation of rules aside from those that will be imposed by the NCAA.

"Our focus has to do with when the athletes are actually on their official visits – the behavioral issues," Foley said. "By the start of the academic school year, we'll have a set of recommendations in place as well."

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report. Jeff Darlington can be reached at [email protected]

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New Recruiting Guideline proposal

So who is going to define what is luxury, extravagant, upscale, …… it's ridiculous to even try.

It's almost like there dancing around what the real problems are in recruiting.
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