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nfl survivor pool


nfl survivor pool

i have zero financial interest in this. I do it myself, its legit. only showing it because its pretty rare to get a pot this big, its a 115 dollars to get in before sept 1st and 125 after. last year the pot was 350k and this year will probably be closer to 400k.


Welcome to the 2011 NFL Survival Pool.  The rules and details concerning this year’s pool are as follows:

1. All entries received by August 31st will cost 115 points. All entries received September 1st and beyond will cost 125 points. You may take as many entry’s as you would like to. Legally I must state that all points collected will be paid out to the winner / winners…..  Announcement of how many people we had for this pool will be stated Monday night September 12th, …..

2. Each week, you will select an NFL team to WIN their game. (Point spreads are irrelevant) and a tie is considered a loss. Meaning your team must WIN to continue on to the next week.  The team you have chosen can only be used once during your participation in the pool.

3. If you select a team, which you have already used earlier in the year, you are disqualified.  (This cannot happen if you make your picks through the computer)

4. If you fail to make a weekly pick, you will be assigned a default pick, which is the pool’s top pick for that particular week.  If it happens that you have already used that particular team, you will be assigned the second most popular pick for the week, and so on.  If all default picks come up empty you will get the largest spread favorite open to you.  Selection to be provided by the pool master, and cannot be challenged what so ever…..

5. All picks must be received by Sunday 11:00 AM.  EST.  If you choose a game on a Thursday or Saturday the pool will temporarily close at game time, We will announce on message board how many team are on that game and the pool will reopen after the game….

5A. The pool will be open each week for your selections.  The Pool will close Sunday Morning @ 11 AM EST. and will show all teams picks by 12:30 PM EST, you will be able to view everybody’s picks.

5A  WEEK ONE —there is a Thursday Night game if you choose to select one of these  teams for this first game of the season  your pick must be in 1 hour before game time, the pool will then close, and no picks may be able to be made till the game is over. The pool will reopen for all other participants to make their selections after the game is over….

6. There will be only two ways to enter your picks: Via website at www.thesurvivalpool.com, or at 732-332-9069.  You will be able to see the weekly picks on the web site after it is locked down…

6b. We usually have 99% of our problems on week 1, to ensure that you have no problems send your entry’s in EARLY.  Passwords sometimes get entered incorrectly, or you forget your password,  DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE.  Even if you register early, please go to the site and log on, DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE…

7. If there is a selection made, AND you called in the weekly pick the website is what we go by.

8. When ten (10) or less, participants remain in the pool, the pool points can be split provided there is a unanimous agreement among all remaining participants.

9- NEW RULE for 2010 and will remain for 2011!!!

Week 17 will be a double pick week IF there are 15 or more entries left.
Week 16 will be a double pick week IF there are 30 or more entries left
Week 15 will be a double pick week IF there are 60 or more entries left
Week 14 will be a double pick week IF there are 120 or more entries left
Week 13 will be a double pick week IF there are 240 or more entries left
Week 12 will be a double pick week IF there are 480 or more entries left
Week 11 will be a double pick week IF there are 960 or more entries left

10. At the end of the regular season, if the pool is still active, the total amount of points in the pool will be split equally amongst all remaining participants.

With the following information.

Your  Name  (Real Name first and last)                        ____________________________
Pool ID NAME  (the name you want to be known as for the pool) _____________________________
PASSWORD    (make it simple, your initials will work, Not Cap Sensitive, only numbers and letters no spaces!!!__________________
CELL NUMBER  or best number to reach you Sunday Mornings  ___________________________
EMAIL Address ____________________________

Please make your password easy and write it down, last year I had hundreds of entries forget what their password was, it can be as simple as your initials, no need for your password to be 18 digits long….



Make points out to Cash

Mail to-    NFL SURVIVAL 2011
                  PO Box 191
                  Wickatunk NJ 07765

I will be entering all entries once a week till August 15th, then I will do it 3 times a week till September 1st, which will then be daily…..

Last two years we almost had  3,400 entries, we expect about 3,700 this year, might have a chance to break 4,000 this year……

Good Luck, and enjoy the pool……

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