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Oklahoma State. New system in place


Oklahoma State. New system in place

Just wanted to post this about the Cowboys. We may get them at a good time. I highlighted an interesting comment. The O-Line will always tend to favor a starter. Will his choice be their choice? Hmmmm.
New system and on the road.


Spring wraps up, roster undecided
Posted: Thursday April 7, 2005 11:05PM; Updated: Thursday April 7, 2005 11:05PM

STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) – With only the final spring scrimmage to go, Oklahoma State's competitions at quarterback and running back are continuing with no end in sight.

Offensive coordinator Larry Fedora said Thursday he hasn't made a decision between quarterbacks Donovan Woods and Bobby Reid or chosen a starting running back, although he's narrowed the field to two.

The Cowboys will hold their final practice of the spring on Saturday with a noon scrimmage at Boone Pickens Stadium. But even then, there's little chance that a clear-cut starter will emerge at either position.

Reid was the favorite as spring practices neared a conclusion last year, but he injured his right shoulder and Woods became the Cowboys starter. Now, the tables are turned. Woods returns as the incumbent and Reid is seeking a way to unseat him.

"I've been pleased with the way both of them are taking control of the situation," Fedora said. "It's been a long time since Bobby's been in a game. Donovan's got more experience playing 12 games last year, and you can see that in the way he takes control of the offense."

Fedora said he didn't really expect to see significant separation between the two quarterbacks during spring practice and isn't surprised the competition to run his new offense will last until fall.

"It's too much to learn," Fedora said. "I think they're right about where I thought they would be at this point. I think they've been competing really hard. They've been getting after it. They've been learning, spending a lot of time on their own. I'm pleased with where they're at.

"We'll see how they progress through the summer and through the fall and then we'll make a decision from there."

Fedora said the eventual winner will be the quarterback that takes the time to learn his offense and shows a higher level of understanding in scrimmages this fall. Instead of who throws the better spiral, it could come down to who's the bigger bookworm in the offseason.

"It won't just be books," Fedora said. "They'll spend a lot of time on tape. They'll spend a lot of time with each other throwing with the receivers and with the (offensive) line talking about protection. It'll be a very productive summer."

Although it's not the ideal situation, the Cowboys could even start the season with both quarterbacks rotating in the lineup until one earns the starting spot, Fedora said. In 2003, Fedora used both Chris Leak and Ingle Martin for four games at Florida before Leak was named the starter.

"I think you would like it if you had a guy that had about seven years of experience in the offense, and then you wouldn't worry about it," Fedora said. "But that's not the case, so it doesn't matter what I like."

On the other hand, Fedora is glad to see the emergence of Julius Crosslin and Mike Hamilton as two leading running backs for the Cowboys. He said he can't think of any teams that have achieved great success recently with only one back.

"There aren't very many anymore," Fedora said. "That doesn't happen anymore."

With Crosslin and Hamilton both standing about 6 feet tall and weighing around 230 pounds, neither would be much of a change-up for the other. But Fedora said that didn't bother him.

"You have some guys that have the thunder and lightning deal where you've got one big guy and you've got one small guy," Fedora said. "These guys happen to be about the same size, same speed and they run hard. There's not a lot of difference there. I don't think that's a disadvantage, nor do I think it's an advantage."
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