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OwlBytes: 2019 FAU Football Fall Camp - August 4th


CB Chris Tooley throws up the Owl Fingers

Day three of preseason camp saw the addition of shoulder pads for FAU Football. The players seemed to work through Sunday’s practice with more familiarity, and that familiarity seemed to reflect in the crispness of the day.


  • This Years Camp is Deeper Than the Past Four teams are running on a consistent basis and that ability has everything to do with an experienced quarterback room. Four of the five quarterbacks have been through a spring Kiffin-led FAU camp.

  • Experience Is A Plus At least three signal callers have been through an FAU fall camp and this year marks the first time the quarterbacks have had the same offensive coordinator for back-to-back seasons since 2014-15 (Brian Wright 2012-15).

  • Wide Receivers Youthful But Deep No unit may welcome that quarterback experience and consistency more than the wide receiver room, a group that welcomes eight newcomers, including graduate transfer Deangelo Antoine.

  • Antoine on His Decision to Be An Owl “FAU spoke to me when I came to watch the spring game,” said Antoine. “I enjoyed watching the spring game and I wanted to play for Lane Kiffin. When I met the guys, they welcomed me with open arms. I wanted to stay in Florida, so I chose FAU.”

  • Patterson Goes Long CB Diashun Moss was on the wrong end of a possession battle as WR Ronald Patterson raced downfield to a 30+ yard touchdown at his expense. And that was our play of the day as suggested by Jake Elman.

Video Play

As eluded to above, early concern over the wide receiver unit may be a bit premature given numbers. John Mitchell's comments seem to agree with that premise.

The Owls will particpate in thier fourth day of camp, and the second in shoudlder pads, tommorrow at 9:15 AM. Tuesday will mark the first day of fiull pads before they finally earn a day off.
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