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Owls Football Comcast Insert..


Owls Football Comcast Insert..

So i opened the cable bill for work today, and out pops a insert for FAU football.

It advertises the Family 4 pack Exclusive to COMCAST subscribers:

4 End zone seats
4 hot dogs
4 Bags of chips
4 sodas
4 FAU Tshirts

for $55.00   :o  :o  :o  :o

Thats a great deal

It also has a contest to win a suite party for 24 people at the home opener against UAB. EXCLUSIVE to comcast customers only.

Website to register for this is www.fausports.com/comcast

Its a nice flyer with Rusty on the front. Nice to see some proactive advertising and selling BEFORE the season starts. Is FAU marketing finally moving in and efficient manner?


I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick @$$ and I'm out of bubble gum.

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Re: Owls Football Comcast Insert..

Absolutely…great deal for the $$$!

We'll see eh?  i would be very interested in knowing how many they sold at seasons end…then we would know the answer to your question :)

personally i dont see how a blind offer simply based on being a cable subscriber is nailing your target market, but hey, give it a shot…

Unless it was comped? Then of course ANY free marketing is good marketing…
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