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Owls vs. Nebraska D

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Owls vs. Nebraska D

Even with how disappointed most of us are at the owls season, it should spin our heads to think how close we were to playing in a 3rd straight bowl this year!

An example of how we were pretty good this year (not good enough though!) was to look at the Nebraska D this year too. Turns out they were a pretty special D (#2 in nation in points allowed, #9 in total yards allowed!).

First, while we only scored 3 on them, mighty Oklahoma and Kansas State also only scored 3 and they shutout  both Louisiana-Layfayette AND Arizona in their bowl game. The Owls gained the SECOND MOST yards (358 total yards) on them this year, more than BOTH Texas in the Big-12 Championship Game and Arizona in the bowl PUT TOGETHER (311 total yards COMBINED!).

As we have proven too many times, especially vs. the big boys, we move the ball well but don't put it into the end zone. I believe we need to take shots at the end zone further out, once we get into the red zone or especially inside the ten, their D's are packed and THEN, we can't compete and score, much easier for a turnover then, and then those 50-70 yards gained go for waste.

We return a much stronger returning core of players than most of the other Belt teams, except for MTSU. While we lose a lot of experience on our O-line so does Troy, ULM, FIU and L-Layfayette. But our skill ,people are good. On D we lose the fewest number of senior starters and with a hopefully more aggressive approach, we will be significantly better. Troy, Ark. St., ULM and FIU all lose over half of their D starters (Troy AND ULM = 9!).

I believe we are good for  6 or 7 conference wins next year and a return to a bowl game of our own! Happy New Year OWLS!
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Re: Owls vs. Nebraska D

Nice post!  I am also optimistic about 2010!  All we needed was to win 2 close games in 2009 and it all came down to coaching and a young defense–in my opinion.  Our defense will be much improved and hopefully we sign some great talent.  Here's to getting back to a bowl in 2010!!!!


* Sun Belt Champions & New Orleans Bowl Champions-2007
* Motor City Bowl/Little Ceasers Pizza Bowl Champions-2008
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