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Questions for Miami Game Day


Kyle Hyde said

owl2Doc said

Hey Kyle,

Tailgating should begin at 4 pm.

You can tailgate in any parking lot where you park. FWIW the FAU students are supposed to tailgate on the north side of the stadium.

All the usual rules about music/alcohol applies and tailgates must end at kickoff.

Park wherever you can find it, though don't try the parking garage next to the stadium because that's for season pass holders. There will be people directing you to the right lot the minute you pull into campus, so no worries there.

Parking is $15 IIRC.

Posted On: Aug 2nd 2015, 3:27 PM #346870

Appreciate the help, cant wait to return to this stadium
Posted On: Aug 3rd 2015, 8:53 AM #346888

I would also suggest maybe if you are meeting friends at the stadium designate a place to meet up before arriving so you can park next to each other. Also plan on heavy traffic getting into Boca and if coming by turnpike or 95 glades road will be heavily congested. Alternate route should be go to yamato exit there and go to NW Boca Raton Ave, and take that to Spanish River Blvd and from there the back way in to the university. Not as heavily traveled for the most part.
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