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Special Team


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First half, FAU.

Second half, some other god-awful team.

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Didn't make many mistakes if any. Looked like he's settling into the pocket more vs running.

Through no fault of their own they are just not that big for the extra yardage on contact. Some did have some good runs after catches.

Parker stepped up big today. Simeon and Mcgahee looked comfortable also. However D Porter was somewhere else a few times and it cost that nice run by the RB.

O-Line B
Did the job considering the offense set. UL had the box stacked with 8 players! The 1st half they really looked sharp w/o major penalties. They look like they are coming together.

D-Line C+
They played well for the 1st half also. The second half was a lot of missed tackles. Was it fatigue?

Where was the contact at the line? The RB' had a full gallop when they hit the 2nd level. But have to give credit to Bush. He made some nice cuts inside the tackles

Secondary C
They are making tackles after the catches. Too many misses today that led to huge gains.

Special Team C
Still need work on the punt team blocking. The return look to break a few but the holes closed quickly.

Coaching C+
Have to continue to make adjustments on the fly. I like the few plays which kept the LB honest and avoided the blitz. We just have to play to our strenghts.

Overall I think they did OK. The 1st half was very impressive. They played with very few mistakes and miscues. They will only build on this one now that we will be playing equal competition.

Let's Go Owls!!!
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QB: B- Embick did what he could under the circumstances. Didn't get decapitated, which is a plus. Found the open receiver when he had time to. Would have been a B if not for Souverain's ridiculous effort.

RB: B Pierre looked good and is has to be our #1 thanks to Edgecombe's struggles (10 rushes, -8 yards). We still have to rely on draws most of the time because of our o-line's shortcomings. Can't really be too hard on them with no holes to run through.

WR: B+ A little better today. Dareus (2-23) finally got involved and didn't drop anything that I remember. If they didn't catch it, they usually got an interference call. Nice job by McGahee of disappearing in the back of the end zone..I think the cb's thought he was an endzone pilon.

O-Line: D- Pathetic as usual, but what can you expect from such a young, inexperienced group. Their d-line had free range, and spent more time in the backfield than they did in the huddle.

D-Line: D Still only has one sack on the year. Not very effective. Jervonte had a nice bat-down, but we didn't get any pressure on Brohm. We miss Pinnick, but it's hard to tell anything against a team as good as Louisville.

LB: C- Earls didn't impress me today, but he was most likely blocked out of 90% of the running plays. Missing Mutakkabir big time. Sincere played ok.

Secondary B Apart from Hughley getting beat on that bomb in the second half, they played ok. Didn't tackle as well as they could have, but that 6-3, 250 rb is a beast. Gordon led the team in tackles by a mile and made a nice INT at the end of the first half on the botched fg.

Special Teams B Superb kick by Kennard to open the scoring, but our return team only showed up late when Hall had a couple of decent returns. Punt blocking failed once again….how difficult is it to block a punt? I think it's all about desire really. Coverage teams looked shaky as always, but managed not to let L'ville get a big return.

Coaching B- Not bad in the circumstances. We still need to adjust more on offense though. Nord continues to ignore the fact that Danny barely has time to get a three-step drop, let alone run some play action. Tackling practice is needed, and our angles run were poor at times. Just back to basics again Monday boys.
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This is really a tale of two halfs:

1st half - team preformance: A- Only because the only negative was the nice LONG run negated by a unneccesary penalty.

2nd half - team preformance: C- Not due to the lack of effort, but the play calling on offense stunk and didn't give our offense any chance to be productive, then again the UL Defense was pretty relentless in the 2nd half.

QB: B- Danny did a great job today, Souverain did look scared and lost - Clayton showed very good poise which negated Souverain preformance keeping the grade respectable.

RB: C+ How do you grade a unit that had very little chance of having any type of success or any type of consistancy on offense - Pierre did a great job with very little support, thus the Plus and brings the grade up and giving me hope that the running game can get going in the future.

WR: B+ Probably had their best outing of the season - Parker is showing he's a dependable receiver - I still would like to see McGahee have a bigger role on offense - he is showing a can make things happen when you get the ball in his hands and the guy finds a way to get open.

O-Line: C Law of averages between the two halfs. These guys where just overwhelmed in the secong half - again play calling could have help, but then again !!!

D-Line: D Again law of averages here. You can't give a QB like Brohm time like he had and not expect him to tear you appart - giving our secondary no chance.
Then again the youngs guys just where over matched, should they be penalized for that ??? The grade simply states the work that is left to be done.

LB: D They need to set-up, I felt they were sitting back and reacting and made very little effort to cause any type if disruption in UL offensives scheme.

Secondary: C Had very little help.

Special Team: C Getting better, but Brown needs to set-up and do a better job punting. I still think you need to get your best guys out there.

Coaching: B- Which is in line with the overall preformance of the team, the minus - play calling in the second half hurt this mark from being higher.

We can take a lot of good things from this game of what we need to do on offense - quick set plays must be the norm or it will be more inconsistancy and teams will continue to blitz.
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I know this doen't follow the format, but Embick, Parker, and Pierre passed. Disappointed in Souverain. The O-line will need to be treated for whiplash soon since they keep looking back quickly to tell Embick "Look Out!!". I would definately like to see some shotgun like the other topic has… both one-back and two-back shotgun.
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