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Roundup of Bowl Projections 2017


walty12 said

Here are my .02 for whatever it's worth.

I truly believe that while winning in the fashion we are is great, it still wont fill our stadium...not against CUSA teams.  Selling out a FAU vs. Old Dominion game is going to be tough no matter what is going on.

For the average south florida football fan to come to the games - we have to be playing an opponent that people know.  It's just a fact.

If I ask my non FAU alumn but football fan buddies to come to FAU vs. North Texas they kind of shrug.  If I asked them to come to FAU vs. say Louisville, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Purdue, etc they would be MUCH more inclined to go.

I am not naming top end programs here, just lower level P5.  These are the games we need to schedule if filling the stadium is top priority.

SunBelt is great and Troy may even be able to beat us…but playing them just doesn't align with the direction Dr. Kelly is trying to take FAU.  We need to start closing the gap between us and UCF, USF (which isn't large) in the perception of our program.  Need people to start wondering why we aren't in the AAC.
Posted On: Nov 20th 2017, 9:45 AM #373766

Couldn't agree more. Look what happened when Navy came to town. I'd rather play a tougher opponent and get butts in seats and national exposure than play other G5 teams that aren't going to get us attention in the media, or bring fans to the game.
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