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Run Morris, Run!

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Will Owls RB Alfred Morris run for a second straight 1,000yrd season in 2010?


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Run Morris, Run!

Last year, Owls RB Alfred Morris ran for 1,394yrds. But eight games into the 2009 season, Morris had 858yrds, including three 100+yrd games.

Eight games into the 2010 season, Morris only has 619yrds, with only two 100+yrd games.

Averaging a little over 77yrds per game, with only four regular season games left; will Morris reach his second straight 1000+ yrd season?
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Re: Run Morris, Run!

It's doable, but he's likely going to need a break away or two to pull it off…

Thought for sure he would have had more last weekend; which would have helped.
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