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Saturday Scrimmage Notes

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Saturday Scrimmage Notes

Here are some quick notes on Saturdays scrimmage game.

Allen had a short but effective day behind center.

Embick took the majority of the saps was steady, but made some poor throws on a couple series. He was force to scrammble on several occassions.

We got a look at a couple New comers at QB:

-Steve Oxley showed he is capable - receivers dropped way to many passed.
-Dane Hansen was decent but made some bad decissions.
-Adam Garrisson, a look at him last week I was not impressed during the drills, but this week in scrimmage he show good composer & accuracy

With Fosselman leaving us to concentrate on baseball these guy look capable to replace Allen & Embick. IMO,
better then Fosselman.

On Offense the guys look in good form being it's early in spring. Bynes had a tough day, dropped way to many passes and on his biggest play fumbled the ball trying to make an even bigger play. Parker had a great day running - look for him to have a big year considering AJ may not be with us. AJ was nowhere to be found SAT.
he will sit the rest of spring to concentrate on his grades. Barron was also very effective in his time in the back field, fumbled once. New comer BJ Manley showed his quickness, but the one that got the most talk was Gorey Kinsey - he is shorter then Barron, had a productive outting. Hill - what can you say - he catches everything and had his usual stellar preformance.

The offense was rather effective and the only negative to many fumbles.

Defensively, while Earls returned from his hamstring injury we lost Jerrell Terry to an ankle injury, hopefully it's not serious. The guys did a good jod getting some pressure on the QB and delivered some nice hits throught out the scrimmage. New comer Troy Pindell looked impressive with the second unit - converted TE Eric Benson showed he is capable of playing LB

This was overall a good scrimmage with the guys looking in good overall form at this stage in spring practices.

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Saturday Scrimmage Notes

Yep. Just like he said. ;)

Terry is supposed to have an MRI / X-ray this week.

That move by RB G. Kinsey made someone on the D break an ankle trying to stay with him! He is QUICK.

It was nice meeting you Bytor. Hopefully most of the things we talked about regarding the team will come about this year.

All in all, it was not a bad 1st scrimmage.

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Saturday Scrimmage Notes

Like wise O.G., I was excited to see the depth we appear to have at every position.
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