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Show your Support for FAU


Show your Support for FAU

I just wanted to remind everyone to please continue to check both the Blogs written by both Marcus Nelson & Ted Hutton on a daily basis, regardless if any new blogs have been posted for that day - football seems to be the most active of times, but we do need to continue to show our support for FAU at all times.

The support we do show, will helps in many ways, especially in allowing Marcus & Ted to increase their coverage of FAU sports - remember editors have the ultimate control on how much information that is allocated to FAU based on support.

Look at all the number of responses for UM (for example)compared to FAU, we need to become more diligent and continue to hit their Blog sites & the News articles daily - it take a few seconds to click on both sites - the links are available in the Sports Links Board for your convenience

The same goes for the Poll that is available at the Post site for the Stadium Poll - the votes should be way up there by now. Make sure you vote daily, it doesn't matter if it doesn't represent a true gauge, but it does show people care about FAU and the Proposed Stadium. It takes some dedicated and diligent fans like ourselves to help bring awareness for FAU sports to a new level. So lets show our support daily, couple clicks a day, help bring support our way - was that cheesy or what :-[

I have included the links in this post for easy access.

Thanks for everyone help & support.

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