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STATS: 2014 FAU Spring Game


2014 FAU Spring Game Final Stats

SCORE: Red 42  Blue 7


Jaquez Johnson 9-15, 135 yards, 2 TD
Jason Driskel 8-14, 141 yards, TD
Greg Hankerson 6-15, 69 yards, TD
Andrew Maytek 1-2, 6 yards, INT


Martese Jackson 11 carries for 88 yards
Jay Warren 11 carries for 83 yards, TD
Tony Moore 9 carries for 60 yards, TD
Adrian Sterling 6 carries for 23 yards
Antonio Washinton 2 carries for 0 yards
Zepher Jean 1 carry for 2 yards.


Derek Moise 4 catches for 89 yards
Lucky Whitehead 3 catches for 88 yards, TD
DJ Juste 3 catches for 38 yards
Alex Deleon 2 catches for 30 yards, TD
JJ Stevens 2 catches for 50 yards, TD
Kamrin Solomon 2 catches for 58 yards
Jenson Stoshak 2 catches for 19 yards
Dustin Bowens 2 catches for 13 yards
Martese Jackson 2 catches for 5 yards
Corey Holmes 1 catches for 23 yards
Tony Thomas 1 catch for 6 yards


Robert Relf INT, returned 35 yards for a TD.
Trey Hendrickson 2 sacks, 1 pass batted down
Denzel Whitfield sack
Jeremy Faulk sack

Courtesy Andrew Ivins & Dieter Kurtenbach

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As a nobody watching the game, here is my take.  I won't comment on OL or DL play. You need to watch films to get a take on their play. It seems as though we have three QB's that can actually play solid. First time in a long time for this to occur. We look like we have  three if not four RB's that can play solid. Dukes didn't play and it gave the other guys a chance to shine and we have a very good corp of receivers. TE's look good. Not great. Our LB's can all  run and hit. Not sure about depth. Our DB's look solid. Even a couple (Brown) on the blue squad looked good. I went to the inner-squad game and the Spring game and one guy has made plays at each. A guy no one talks about. Maybe the smallest guy on the team. JJ Stevens. He has made big plays in each game. I don't know anything about him other than I noticed his big plays. The only area that needs work that is easily corrected, Punting team. First punt, bad snap. Second and third, illegal formation. Not a big deal now. But, that shouldn't happen. I walked away knowing we have a good offense and a potentially good defense. Nice job of coaching. No one looked confused.
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What has pleasantly surprised me this spring is how well the O has played against what is suppossed to be the Owls returning strength, the D. i both the scrimmage and now in the spring "game", the O has produced yards and put up points. Either the O is really improved or the D is questionable this coming year with the D losses and Coaching change, you guys down there PLEASE fill us out-of-towners in to your opinions.

Wish there was a video made of the spring game!
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The stats you're seeing is the #1 O vs. the #2 D and the #2 O vs. the #1 D. Hard to get a good read on the D. The O is sharp and seem to be ready. I'm no expert.
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Where was Willy Dukes?
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OwlfaninSC said

Where was Willy Dukes?
Posted On: Apr 5th 2014, 8:31 PM #330609

Suited up, but did not play.
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I liked the set up this spring. Last year spring game seemed to drag on. I saw a great deal of potential on the blue team, especially on offense. Redblue was definitely worth my sunburn and dehydration
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