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The Defense is a MAJOR area of concern...


Some interesting stats in this article from Jake Elman HERE


"A year after posting one of the nation’s most-improved defenses under Chris Kiffin, Lane’s younger brother, FAU has taken a major step back early under new defensive coordinator Tony Pecoraro. The Owls are allowing 43.5 points and 475 yards of offense per game. Only Connecticut (54.5) and Bowling Green (44) are allowing more points per game than FAU.

Nearly 20 other teams are allowing more yards per game than the Owls, but only five – Houston (3-1), Illinois (2-2), New Mexico (2-1), Ole Miss (3-1), and Wake Forest (2-2) – have a .500 record or better through four weeks. New Mexico and Wake Forest are the only two from that group who, like FAU, are allowing less than 500 yards of offense per game. "
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With 10 returning starters and more depth than ever before. I know we played two top O's plus Air Force who always score and run up the yards but the BCU game showed REAL PROBLEMS!

On the points allowed front, we HAVE allowed TWO blocked punts for TD's and a pick for a TD so already 21 points not on the D. And we have thrown SIX pics already after only 7 all years last year, leading to field position issues and momentum issues. Those are issues contributing for sure.

But the D still is too soft and we all pray this gets fixed before MTSU who will dink and dunk us to death if we play off the line on the receivers. We have to take that way and make them do what thy are not comfortable with.

Longer week for prep (extra day) for MTSU so work on the tacking and coverage issues on D and get Mr. Robison's head on straight to be smarter with the ball EVERY game! we have not one but FOUR Power 5 QB's on our roster, someone needs to step up and take care of the ball and prove they are/were worthy of that level!!!
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