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This O-Set will WORK!!!!


This O-Set will WORK!!!!

My take:Imagine the speed at WR!
Taylor ran a 4.34 last year. Bynes is running a 4.3 this year.
Crissinger with his deceptive speed across the middle! Dangston is just strong and physical!

New look will give Owls more offensive options

By Ted Hutton
Staff Writer
Posted August 14 2004

BOCA RATON ? Florida Atlantic opponents are going to have to get ready for a new offensive setup from the Owls if coaches deem the two tight-end, one-running back scheme introduced in Friday's practice a success.

"I like it," said FAU offensive coordinator Larry Seiple after watching the offense work from the formation for nearly the entire practice. "It spreads them out and gives us a little flexibility running and throwing the ball."

Quarterback Jared Allen agreed.

"It opens things up and gives the defense more to think about," Allen said.

Anthony Crissinger-Hill and Dantson Dareus are the tight ends in the formation, with Roosevelt Bynes and Larry Taylor the wide receivers and Doug Parker the lone running back.

"It puts our five top players on the field at the same time," Seiple said.

Dareus (6 feet 5, 238 pounds) missed all of last season after tearing his ACL two weeks before FAU's first game.

Crissinger-Hill (6-3, 205) stepped in and became the leading receiver with 1,134 yards and nine touchdowns.

With both back, Seiple said it was time to add a new wrinkle to the offense, which stuck close to the pro-style formation during FAU's three previous seasons.

"They complement each other," Allen said about his two tight end targets. "Tony has the speed and Dantson the size, and they can both catch and run."

Both caught short passes and also went deep down the middle on Friday.

"It gives us something we haven't shown before, which is good," Seiple said.

What about Charlie?

While FAU was able to practice, some players had to make an extra effort to stay focused since a hurricane was bearing down on their homes. Offensive lineman Will McDonald is from Tampa and was in touch with his family throughout the day.

"They didn't have to evacuate, and they're well prepared," McDonald said. "I've learned how to keep my mind clear on the field and worry about the outside stuff when I get off the field."

Crissinger-Hill's aunt, who raised him, also resides in Tampa.

"I talked to her and she said she didn't have to evacuate," he said.

Ted Hutton can be reached at [email protected]
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