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Those close losses hurt


The Tulsa/Rice losses are looking awful now.

We had something going against Buffalo and just couldn't put them away.

I hope to see the Offense figure things out next year.  I think JD has shown some flashes.

I just want to see them get things together.  The energy of the UM game was incredible.  
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Our biggest problem this season has been stalled drives in the end zone. That's the difference between winning and losing close games because we can move the ball against everybody so far… we just can't close the deal.

You can pin it on Quez being hurt for what feels like half the season but he's always had passing problems. Combine that with youth on the receiving corps and you end up kicking a lot of field goals.

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I am cautiously optimistic for next year.

I hope, with another year of experience, that Driskel is more comfortable next year.

I think there's a lot to build upon.  The D was awesome this year.  If the O can run more sustained drives, I think they can be a force in C-USA.

I wish we had a "big" name coming to the stadium next year, but it'll be okay.

I'm hoping to move closer for season tickets, as well.

Those close losses are a killer!  This team should be in a bowl.  I wanted the UF win so badly for Quez.
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