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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts


ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

Now that we are out of those trechous OCC games and have a better gauge of the teams preformance, lets keep the tradition O.G. started and lets start grading the teams preformance, so let do it: Copy and Paste if you have to.

OFFENSE (Overall):







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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

OFFENSE (Overall): B+
Overall the offense did a good job and I did like how we mixed things up a bit with some trick plays - however, we got a little conservative after the bocth trick play with Rusty. I would have like a couple of throws down field to keep the opposing D honest.

Much better preformance and was key to the big W. I like the fact that Pierre had 25 touches (4 yrd/carry) not to bad.

Clayton showed the poise we needed for the guy under centerand that he deserves the starting spot. He made some key plays with his arm and feet. Made solid decision all night.
Holley, Simeon step-up and made plays - two thumbs up.

The defense played, I want to say great, yet the tackling was horrible. We need to find a way to make those tackles at the first point of attack, when we don't it exposes the secondary and allows for big plays which have been Owl killers all season and could have been again tonight.

SPECIAL TEAMS:C+, B- (pick it)
Much improved on kick-off coverage not allowing those huge gains and great field position. The only negative comes on the foot of Leroy - 2 missed FG, a very makeable one and the 51 yarder, could be more of a coaching decision then him missing it.

Going for that 51 yard field goal, questionable, but with highsight it's easy to criticize. I do like the attitude the coaching staff is bringging to the team - they believe in the young guys and are not afraid to take chances. Two thumbs up for allows the guys to play.

The plus is for the WIN. We still have room to improve obviously, but overall the team played tough all night and deserve the nice little break they will have. The players showed poise after a tough stretch of road games and giving themselves a chance to win this game. Congras guys you deserve to celebrate, but remember it's only one victory, if we are to acheive the ultimate goal of the SBCC, we need to conitue to work harder. Enjoy the moment.

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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

OFFENSE (Overall): B

RUNNING GAME: A. That was probably the best we ran the ball in two years. Charles Pierre runs hard and seems to make the right decisions most of the time. Sanchez is a nice weapon also. If we run the ball that effectively the rest of the year, some very good things are going to happen.

PASSING GAME: B-. Clayton didn't throw a ton, but ran the offense effectively. The only reason I gave a B- is that I would like to see them use their receivers' speed more often. The bubble screen is a nice to play to run once or twice a game, but with the speed they have on the outside a more vertical passing attack is possible. Overall, I think our receivers played well last night. Gent, Simeon, and Holley are all young and will have monster career numbers when all is said and done.

DEFENSE: C+. PLEASE TACKLE BETTER!! Made plays when needed though. That interception was HUGE at the end of the half.

SPECIAL TEAMS: Overall B. Coverage teams were pretty good. O'Neil punted well. Place kicking gets a D. Leroy had no chance of making the 50+ yarder but that missed 37 yard attempt could have cost us the game. That's a kick that a Division 1-A kicker should make, hopefully they'll convert next time.

COACHING: A. After watching 4 straight drubbings, I admit I was starting to question the schedule making, but Schnelly obviously knows exactly what he is doing. To win a conference game on the road, against a quality SBC opponent, after geting outscored by 1,000,000 points is very impressive. This team will be a factor in the conference race.

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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

OFFENSE (Overall):

RUNNING GAME:B+ Both Sanchez and Pierre made the right cuts and showed that we do have a running game.

PASSING GAME:B+ Clayton played well and the roll out to the right was working but the line has to give him more time in the pocket or others teams are going to defend against that and it cuts the field in half.

DEFENSE:C They played well overall and stepped up when needed but the holes in the secondary and the terrible tacking keeps them in the C range.

SPECIAL TEAMS:C- The missed 50+ is one thing but the second miss is unacceptable at that range. The punting was better but the hang time is terrible. This area could cost us a game or two.

COACHING:B Not thrilled with the 50+ yard field goal when he obviously doesn't have that kind of leg. Other than that I think what Howard's been preaching is starting to show.

OVERALL PERFORMANCE:B I'd like to give an A due to the win but there is still plenty of room for improvement that is needed if we think we can win the SunBelt. After last night I truly believe we have a shot at this if we continue to tighten up (MAKE TACKLES) and don't make big mistakes.


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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

OFFENSE (Overall):B. Statistically we lost this game. We did have 336 total yards - 100 more than previous games. We have learned how to recover our own fumbles ;D

RUNNING GAME: A. We out ran ULM. Pierre did an exceptional job. Let's get him 100 yards next game.

PASSING GAME:B. Clayton did a great job- no interceptions. Would like to see completions to the TE.

DEFENSE:C+ . Although we need to learn how to tackle, defense helped win this game with recovering turnovers. No Personal foals - please ! We do not need to shoot ourselves in the wings.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C-. Kicking is atrocious. We need to do a much better job on returns and not give the opponent such good field advantage on theirs. Tackle !

COACHING: A. Still hated the 51 yard field goal attempt. Give the kicker practice when we are winning by lots. Bad field advantage resulted in a 3 point conversion. We won - they were outcoached.

OVERALL PREFORMANCE: B+. Special teams and tackling must be fine tuned these next two weeks.

Great job Owls !!!
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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

Ran the ball great, they should've given Pierre the ball a few times at the end of the game to reach that 100 mark. It shows that we actually do have a running game, the backs just never had the chance to get moving those first four games.

Clayton played great! He should slide feet first a bit more, ask Trent Green. ONLY let Rusty get reps when we have the game out of reach, no more of this 2nd quarter garbage. Let Sean run our team from here on out.

Defense played alright, but NO ONE was finishing their tackles. A few of our guys were just run over! Just hold on to the guys jersey until someone else gets there, please! too many times our guys were just bouncing off their ball carrier.
Troy Pindell gets the BONE award for that hit he laid on the receiver toward the end of the game, just smoked him!!!
They should practice defending some trick plays every now and then, when ULM ran that reverse-option play our guys looked completely lost out there, we have to be able to handle that.

Special Teams: That was a pretty big kick for Warley, a punt would've been a better idea but I guess there's only one way to find out if he can make those in a game situation. Now we know, at least it was on line.
It's always nerve wracking when we punt/kickoff, our guys don't get down there very quickly, we could do better with that.

Coaching: I belive in the Pipe! That man knows what he's doing.

Overall, i'm really proud of what the guys did last night, great effort. Let's keep it up!
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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

OFFENSE (Overall): B. Much improved. They moved the ball well and had no turnovers.

RUNNING GAME: B+. Clayton had some excellent runs. Pierre did an excellent job. Sanchez was also impressive.

PASSING GAME: B-: Had so very good completions. Not as consistent as it needs to be. We need more yards after the catch. Clayton missed some open receivers.

DEFENSE: C- They need some work. Poor tackling also most cost us the game.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B: The missed FG hurt. Punting was good.


OVERALL PREFORMANCE: Very good game. We can build on this.
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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

OFFENSE (Overall): B

RUNNING GAME: B+ looks as if the OOC schedule really helped the OL to block and open up some decent holes.

PASSING GAME: B-/B Nice to see Clayton for most of the game, keep Rusty on the sideline until he matures a bit more. Efficient and accurate but needs to make better decisions when sliding/diving when it's not for a first down.

DEFENSE: C They did what they needed to do during critical points, first half INT. The arm tackling really needs to stop though. Wrap your man up or stand him up so someone else and get a lick in to keep the positive yardage to a min.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B not too bad, I feel that the long FG attempt was actually a good idea even though it gave ULM decent field position. Game time performance is more important that practice and you never know how someone will perform in the spotlight. Get that kid a little more strength in the leg and that FG is good.

COACHING: B+ Looks as if Howard's OOC strategy is paying off, even though I do have my reservations per a previous post. Impressive how he kept everyone up after the losses and shutting down that 2pt conversion.

OVERALL PREFORMANCE: B - Defense needs to sure up on the tackling. I'm excited to see how we build off of this performance and make a nice push in the SBC.
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ULM vs FAU - Post Game Toughts

OFFENSE (Overall): B+
RUNNING GAME: B+"I think the running game is beginning to
develop in part by the O-Line is opening
holes and the running backs are starting to
find them.
Hopefully the improvements will continue
between the backs and O-Line.

PASSING GAME: B" The QB is starting to get more time to find a
receiver. A rhythm is developing between the
QB backs and O-Line. Still a lot of room for
improvement. I hate to say this but Rusty needs
to keep working and Sean needs to continue in
the lead role.

DEFENSE: C" Tackling and pass coverage still needs a lot of
work. Deep coverage especially. A couple of guys
that were back on the field for the first time in
a few weeks so I won't beat them up to bad.
the week off may help get them stronger and
back in the swing.

SPECIAL TEAMS:B" definitely need to improve. Coach's need to
bring in one of those old retired guys to help
out. O.K. Schnelly call Garo he wasn't much for
passing but the little sucker could kick a football.
The rest of it wasn't to bad.

COACHING: B" Overall not to bad a couple of WTF's but for
the most part to a few chances and made a
difference. Always room for improvement

OVERALL PERFORMANCE:B+" I think the group came together
pretty good. Kept clear heads and good
composure. Played a solid game keeping the
pressure on throughout the game. Good Job See
you all at the home game.
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