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Vote for the WEEKLY Top 30 Football Teams


Vote for the WEEKLY Top 30 Football Teams

Vote for the WEEKLY Top 30 Football Teams


As some of you noticed we got hacked, someone was able
to go in and vote for all the worst teams over 40
times. We are trying to figure out how someone did it.
We are so sorry that we had to shut down the voting
for a while. Regular Season?s Weekly Poll is here.
Below you will see how the votes ended before we got

We just added a new page that has links to everything
that is college ball to help you in your research even
down to a school?s official colors and fight songs.
Also, we added Rosenbaum?s Rouser I hope these links
help you in your message board discussions or as some
of us call it BICKERING. If you know of links that
need added you can send them to [email protected] or
[email protected] Also, if you have any photos of
tailgating, stadiums, cheerleading, swimsuits, or the
ladies of campus. Please send them to our e-mail and
we will post them for the world to see your school?s
spirit. We are looking for GREAT shots of stadiums to
for our weekly background.

Please take this seriously; we are trying to see if
THE FANS really do have the knowledge of college
football. We all know there are always a few people on
college sports message boards that? (Put your own
words here) and have fun trying to mess things up. We
are working with a national publication to put this
Fan?s poll next to the AP & Coaches? Poll, if and only
if we can prove this is a serious poll. If you know
someone that loves football, please pass this on to

It is very simple, all 30 positions has a drop down
box with all 119 Div. 1-A teams. This is a weekly vote
until August for the Preseason. If you think you know
college ball, please vote! I believe the fans know who
the best are. You will be able to go back during the
week and see how votes go. I would like any
suggestions to improve the site, if you have
suggestions click on HOME and go to the contact page.
This poll will be reset every
Sunday, so you may want to add this site to yours
favorite?s list. .

Thank you for participating.

Vote at:



1 Auburn (AL)
2 Ohio State
3 Southern California
4 Texas
5 Notre Dame (IN)
6 Louisiana State
7 West Virginia
8 Florida
9 Virginia Tech
10 Oklahoma
11 Florida State
12 Michigan
13 Georgia
14 Alabama
15 Iowa
16 Louisville (KY)
17 Penn State
18 Tennessee
20 Clemson (SC)
21 Miami (FL)
22 Nebraska
23 Oregon
24 Boston College (MA)
25 Boise State (ID)
26 Pittsburgh (PA)
27 Michigan State
28 Texas Christian
29 Texas Tech
30 Tulsa (OK)

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