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WATCH PARTIES for FAU football


WATCH PARTIES for FAU football

Sorry for the double post, but wanted to make sure everyone saw the opportunity!

Alumni and fans,

The enthusiasm on the board has been amazing lately! The FAU Alumni office is very pleased to see that fans and alumni want to host watch parties in their local cities.

If you want to host a watch party in your city for a specific upcoming FAU football game, or host a watch party for EVERY remaining game that is televised, now is your chance to help put them together.

The FAU Alumni Office is seeking city liaisons who will help put these events together.

Liaisons are expected to:
  1. Identify the location of the watch party
  2. Talk with management at the location and get a guarantee that the game will be on a television, even if "bigger" games are on
  3. Try to work a deal or at least find out what specials they have during the game
  4. Respond to e-mail inquires from other alumni in your local area that have questions about the watch party

This is voluntary and any help is appreciated. But because the alumni office doesn't know the best sports restaurant in Bangor, Maine (for example), the best thing to do is to have a city liaison who lives in Bangor help the alumni office put the event together.

Remember that you can't guarantee management any specific number of people, FAU will not be providing food or drinks for the watch parties and PLEASE, if you commit to helping, please honor your commitment.

If you have any questions, or would like to host a watch party, or parties, please e-mail me directly at rick.smith17@yahoo.com

I am compiling a list and will be submitting it to the FAU Alumni Office. Then, a blast e-mail will go out to the entire FAU community announcing all the watch parties in the5, 10, hopefully 100! cities around the nation for the rest of the year.

Rick "$mitty" Smith '07
FAU NAA Board of Directors

I'm a proud lifetime member of the FAU National Alumni Association. Are you a member? Join now at www.faualumni.org.
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