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Wednesday, Sept. 16th Practice Notes...


Wednesday, Sept. 16th Practice Notes...

The football team continued game week preparation for the University of South Carolina, today.

Practice began with kick return work and individual drills. The team then installed the run scheme for South Carolina and worked 7-on-7. The day ended with team drills.

Wednesday’s Coach’s Presser

On South Carolina:

“They’re not a whole lot different (from Nebraska). They use their quarterback under center, they use an unbalanced line.  Last game, they threw the ball almost 70 times, a lot of times from the shotgun.

On Nebraska's Offensive line vs South Carolina's Offensive line:

“Nebraska is a very special program. They have great technique along the offensive line, not to say that South Carolina doesn’t but (Nebraska) takes a lot of pride in their offensive line and they appreciate the short runs as well as the long ones.”

On Coaching Against Spurrier While at Louisville:

“He killed us. I’ve been killed by some of the best coaches in the game. “

On South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia:

“He’s a come a long way. He’s learned how to move around in the pocket and keep his eyes downfield.”

FAU will return to the field at 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

Source: FAU Media Relations

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Re: Wednesday, Sept. 16th Practice Notes...


Lookin fwd to Saturday's match up like many of the USC fans because it is our home opener.  I would'nt take the comments about our O line at heart.  We have made some good strides since last year and are improving.  There will be some adjustments from the past two weeks.  We'll have a new guy starting at LG in place of T. Campbell.  Our new guy is bigger and stronger but hasn't been the most consistent but is SOS is starting him, then he showed improvement enough in practice.

All of you who are driving up, be safe.  I guess the weather is not going to provide ideal driving conditions.
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