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What do you think


I just wanted to hear what the board members have to say about the following points.

1. Do you feel that AD Pat Chun and the athletic department is trying to make game days at the stadium more of event than under Angelos, who seemed to think gamedays were not a event type atmosphere. The reason I am asking is because as a Wisconsin and Big 10 guy before I went to FAU, but my Badgers are still very muched loved,  who went to a game, Gameday is event that everyone can take part in.

2. Who do you feel could be the face of the program besides Coach Partridge that FAU could use to go out and promote our brand if it doesn't violate NCAA rules? I have a couple players in mind. Jaquez Johnson, and D'jon Smith are a couple players that come to mind.

3. Finally, do you think if FAU makes it to a bowl game, do we get the money for a new practice facility plus naming rights for the actual stadium?

Thank you for your opinion.  
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