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You know What I think


You know What I think

It seems to me that a LOT have been made, at least on the internet, about FAU's supposed cheap shots against opposing teams players. Now, granted there have been some hard hits and some of them look rough I say that enough is enough. Its all animosity coming from those teams fans in the Belt who hated that we won it last year and who are just jealous of what FAU has achieved thus far and their own teams lack thereof. These fans and teams didn't take FAU serious until last year when they got beat and now that FAU is down they are calling the team dirty. I don't advocate hurting an opposing player at all, but I know injuries are apart of the game. Its time thats realized and if FAU is to be continued to be referred to as thugs then I say why not? Yes! The rest of the teams on our schedule better look out because FAU will hurt your best player and then boast about it!

Give me a break

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