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"Things arent as bad as they seem".


"Things arent as bad as they seem".

With the "W" last night FAU moves to 4-7 in SBC play…8-14 overall…

I did a little "pondering" last night, and low and behold:

Things arent as bad as they seem".

Remaining SBC games:


i think we will get 4…giving us an 8-10 SBC record…


After all this bitching, moaning, and whining, blah blah blah, by everyone about how we stink, etc, we could end up being up in the same position (number 8 seed) as we were last year when we played FIU in the conference "play in"!?

Kind of puts things in perspective doesn't it?

Of the remaining games, four games are versus opponents below us and one 1/2 game up on us…if we win all four, we are in great shape…we also have head to head advanatge with NO whom we are 1/2 game back on, and beat last night

Bottom line:

we control our own destiny here folks…win 4 and we host…what a shocker they way EVERYONE thought this season was going…

Get to the remaining home games and support these guys…Help them return to host a playoff game again this year! Or better yet, not even have to be in one!
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Re: "Things arent as bad as they seem".

Good perspective, I agree all is not lost.

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Re: "Things arent as bad as they seem".

its cause were gellin' like magellen
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