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A quick preview for tonights game..


A quick preview for tonights game..

Bare with me here since I'm writing this from my phone so there will probably make many mistakes, but I thought I'd write a little preview of tonight's matchup and a couple keys/things to watch for..

We'll start with Miami- they can flat out shoot the 3, Adrian Thomas and Durand Scott specifically. Ask UVA about it, if you didn't see it, UM was down 10 with under a minute to go and came back to tie it and eventually win it in OT thanks to the 3-ball. Miami had little depth at the 4 and 5 behind their one big guy Reggie Johnson. He's a big dude and very effective if he stays out of foul trouble. However, when he's on the bench, the Canes get much smaller and will rely on outside shooting even more. Their coach said they have suffered this year from shotty PG play.
Keys for Miami to win: Simple, Reggie Johnson and 3 point shooting  Johnson has to stay out of foul trouble in order to keep their inside-out game. And if the Canes get hot from 3 and FAU doesn't do a good job defending the perimeter, then this game will
be over before halftime.

Now for the Owls: we all know about this team so I won't bother introducing them, I'll just give you some keys/important things to watch for.

First and foremost, Brett Royster HAS to stay out of foul trouble, he is key to defending Johnson. If Johnson is limited then Miami will have to rely and jumpshots, then we'll have to hope they have an off night.
Secondly, defending the perimeter. Like, I said earlier, if Miami gets hot from the outside then we're in BIG trouble. UM doesn't really have anyone who can put it on the floor and take you off the dribble other than Durand Scott. So if we can make them put it on the floor and force them into contested jumpshots then we'll have a shot.
Third, our playmakers have to make plays. We need our scorers, Gantt, Taylor, Richardson and Royster) to shoot well.
Fourth, good bench play. I feel like we have one of the deepest benches in the 'Belt and we're going to need all of them to play their best.
Finally, just like in all sports when an upset is possible, the underdog had play dang near perfect and their opponent has to mess up a bit ie. foul trouble, poor shooting and dumb turnovers.

I should also add, limiting turnovers and capitalizing on Miami TOs will be vital to the win as well.

I was born a Canes fan (my dad was going to games before HS was even there and my sister is an alumn) and I'm now a dedicated alumn of FAU. I'm rooting for the Owls in this one though.

My prediction?….I don't even know, lol. It all depends on which FAU team shows up. I hope its the team that makes good decisions and stays out of foul trouble.
Also, not sure how big the crowd will be, Ted mentioned that UM is on Spring Break so that might hinder student attendance but there should be a pretty decent size crowd overall, hopefully they'll be a loud group of FAU fans that make the short trip.

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Re: A quick preview for tonights game..

I hope they learened from the UNT game in the tourney that you HAVE to defend the outside shot, and the player who is hot.

Tristan Thompson just ANNILAHTED us and it sounded like no one was on him.

We cant have that happen against UM.

I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick @$$ and I'm out of bubble gum.

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