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I think it's a little early for this kind of guessing, but it's nice to see they are giving us some kind or credit despite blowing the conference tourney last year. I liked seeing this change over the season last year, hopefully we can continue to win, pull some upsets and finally WIN our Tournament but with a better seed than this:

Bracketology - NCAA College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN

16 FAU vs 16 Morgan State to face UNC

Also in league Rankings out of 32:
22. Sun Belt: Florida Atlantic should have a pretty decent squad, but none of the league's apparent contenders is head and shoulders above any of the others; Western Kentucky isn't in its usual impressive form, and the supposed improvement at Florida International under Isiah Thomas – remember him? – has yet to materialize. If it does, this league could be a bit better than expected. If not, it'll be, well, the Sun Belt.

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