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Coach Jarvis highlights from SBC East Media Day...


Coach Jarvis highlights from SBC East Media Day...

Just listened to the Sun Belt Media Day call for Coach…most responses were as expected…here are some highlights:

Opening on quality of Team

"We had a great off season, it started in August with a trip overseas."

"I like my guys, I like my team…We are going to be very competitive…I really expect us to be competing for the Sun Belt Championship this year."

On the Conference as a whole

"The competition in the Sun Belt - particularly in the East - starts, and in most seasons, ends with Western Kentucky. I don't think this year necessarily will be any different…They have been the guys who have been to the tournament an have won in the tournament."

"But I won't know until we start playing games who is really what."

On Brett Royster

"He'll be in consideration for the defensive player of the year again, which he was last year. And if he does that, that means he's had a very good year…But I am expecting more than defense out of Brett.  I really think Brett should be a double-double guy…I am expecting a lot out of Brett Royster not only on the court, but off the court."

On Improving Defensively

"We were lousy on defense last year. One of the worst defensive teams I have ever coached…Our primary concern is defense."

"We've got more bodies, and we're deeper…If we don't improve drastically on defense, I will be very surprised."

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Re: Coach Jarvis highlights from SBC East Media Day...

Love the attitude...I hope the powers that be should put a lot of effort into basketball promo this yr (no T-shirts tho) obviously its gonna be hard to compete with the heat hopefully we dont play at the same time to often
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