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Holley no go...Our options at PG - Rex's blog...


Holley no go...Our options at PG - Rex's blog...

well, knew this annoucement would be coming soon…Avery is done for the entire year - hoops as well…and will rehab well into spring…

so that leaves us very thin at PG…coach actually mentions the possibility of strating Cuka…

from the blog…….

Question from Rick

"Hello Coach,
Do you expect Avery Holley to play this year after having suffered the knee injury in the first football game?

If not, what options do we have for back-up at PG?

Thanks, and Go Owls!!

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters

"It does not look good for Avery in terms of basketball this season. There is no doubt in my mind that he could have helped us this year. If something changes with his status, he would welcome him with open arms. In regards to a back up, we still need to establish who the starter is. That question will be answered by the players. Right now, the two players competing for that spot are Eni Cuka and Carderro Nwoji.

Thanks for the question!

Go Owls….let's get those Wildcats from Kentucky!!!!"

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