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Jarvis In ESPN Article on International recruiting...


Jarvis In ESPN Article on International recruiting...

Good read on a recent rule change surrounding international players and recruiting…basically, the rule change will allow for prospects to have played along side "professionals", but not have been a professional.

Actually, it may end up benefiting FAU at some point, as Jarvis is looking to get that overseas tour down the line and undoubtedly expand recruiting efforts…he used to go that route frequently at other programs…


By Ian R. Rapoport
Special to ESPN.com

The process is under way to loosen the shackles on prospective players who had participated on teams overseas that featured professional teammates. The NCAA has essentially done away with what some call "vicarious" or "collective" professionalism, where a prospect would be withheld because he or she played with professionals, even if there was no payment above "actual or necessary" expenses.

"There was a time when there weren't as many rules that kept kids out of competition, and it seemed like there were a lot more international players. It definitely will, once again, give more kids the opportunity."

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