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Next Up: FIU

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Next Up: FIU

I don't think you could ask for a more EVEN game on paper…FAU and FIU are neck and neck in just about every category with FAU holding a slight advantage in total FG% from the floor:

FAU .457%
FIU .410%

FIU .330%

FIU .464%
FAU .489%

SPG, APG, BPG, and TOPG are all VERY close…with FAU leading in APG while FIU leads in BPG…

But keep in mind who FAU has played that is contributing to this coffer: OSU, UNC

The Panthers are led by the guard tandem of 6-4 G Villegas, 12.9 PPG, and 6-4 G Prejean, 11.3 PPG, and PF Galindo, 11.6 PPG and feature a pretty balanced attack of inside and outside play.

They will look to run when they can, but do not have a "pure" shooter, or scorer, and rely on alot of attempts - similiar to what we faced with Troy…

The Panthers average just four fans under FAU (505) in home attendance at 501 fans per home contest…

Overall Assesment:

This game is more than winnable…despite the stats, FAU has a definite edge with more overall athleticism, speed, and better overall shooting…height may be a factor based on who can actually play, but as shown last week, the four guard line-up is no joke…if we shoot well, and defend well - as we have been - this game is our second road win of the season…

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Next Up: FIU

FIU is hard to understand… they got blown out by george mason (markedly weaker than last year) but hung in there pretty well against wisconsin

anyone making the drive down there?

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Next Up: FIU

Didn't see the Wisconsin game, but i heard that they had some reserves in there…dunno for sure though…

I plan on going…FIU doesnt draw that well…and especially since its this time of the year, i doubt they will come close the thier average…They had 360 for the game the other night…

If we travelled a mere 50 enthusiastic fans, we would make a BIG dent in momentum…Hopefully Smitty and some of those types will go…sit right behind our bench and help the guys out…
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Next Up: FIU

BTW…i just found out that tickets are ONLY $5.00…cheap…and you just sit yourself wherever…should be plenty of seating right behind our bench…

Directions and a campus map:

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45 minute drive from Boca…
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