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Red-Blue Lounge for basketball

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Did anyone get the information on the new RED-BLUE lounge for on the second floor for basketball games? Pre-game buffet, appearance by one of the coaches prior to the game, concession stand for beer, wine, soft drinks that will be open through half time, complimentary popcorn, snacks during half time. Owl Scholarship Fund membership is required and a ticket to the nights game is required.  You pay for meal and beverages but you can still go to the lounge even if you don't buy the buffet. I think this is great start to getting some traction going for OSF membership and establishing its own identity.  I know that there has been, and still is, some confusion over OSF / Owl Club (now defunct) / Foundation giving.  The quicker and better that they establish their own branding, the faster things will be able to get done. Great step.    It creates the vehicle for the members to meet each other and get together on a regular basis during season. 
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I agree that this is great!  It builds camaraderie for the Owl Scholarship Fund (OSF) members.  It gives a benefit to those who join the OSF.  It mimics the benefits at the football stadium.  It allows alcohol sales.  And as long time Owl fans know…we need alcohol!!  It shows they want to give basketball a chance to build support.  You don't have to buy anything if you choose not to do so.

The Angelos regime stopped the Owl Club activities at basketball a couple of years ago because they said they were losing money by giving away free food and free drinks.  I suggested that they generate a revenue stream and sell those things and keep the camaraderie going.  They looked at me like I had 3 heads.

Joining the OSF is one of the best ways to help grow the Athletics Program.  Details to join are here: http://www.fausports.com/ot/donate-now.html

(This is a non-paid endorsement) :smile:
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