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GAME THREAD: Rice vs FAU - 02/21/15 @ 7:00 PM

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What: Rice (9-16, 6-7 C-USA) vs FAU (8-16, 1-12 C-USA)

When: Sat, Feb 21st @ 7:00 PM

Where: FAU Arena

TV: None

Live Video: Here *FEE

Radio: ESPN 106.3 FM

Live Stats: Here

Rice Team Site: Here

Probable Starters


G Max Guercy 9.0 ppg
G Bishop Mency 7.7 ppg
G Marcus Jackson 13.7 ppg
F Seth Gearhart 15.2 ppg
C Andrew Drone 7.2 ppg


G Marquan Botley 13.7 ppg
G Solomon Poole 12.3 ppg
G Jackson Trapp 11.0 ppg
F Kelvin Penn 5.3 ppg
C Justin Raffington 9.8 ppg

The Series

Florida Atlantic won the lone meeting between the two teams.

1/11/14 A W 73-68

Rice at a Glance

Offense - 62.4 PPG, 40.9% FG, 35.4% 3PT

Defense - 65.3 PGA, 43.8% FGA, 35.9% 3PTA

Rebounding - 31.8 PG Team, 33.4 PG Opponents


After recording back-to-back wins in double overtime last weekend against Middle Tennessee State and UAB, Rice's winning ways came to an end after a 60-56 road loss to FIU. Rice was 9-32 3PT FG.

Although Rice has won just nine games this year, six have come in conference play. Rice is 2-9 on the road this season with both wins coming in conference play against Charlotte and Western Kentucky.

Rice leads Conference USA with eight 3 point made field goals per game.

FAU at a Glance

Offense - 62.5 PPG, 40.9% FG, 33.7% 3PT

Defense - 65.5 PGA, 45.0% FGA, 26.7% 3PTA

Rebounding - 32.0 PG Team, 35.8 PG Opponents


Last time out FAU lost a home game to North Texas 79-72. Marquan Botley had a team high 21 points and eight assists but FAU was unable to stop North Texas. The Mean Green shot 63 FG% for the game, the most allowed by FAU all season. With the lost FAU is now on a eight game losing streak.

The Owls remain first in the conference and in NCAA for 3PT FG% defense as they are holding opponents to 26.7% from behind the arc. Botley's 13.7 points per game is 14th best in Conference USA. Jackson Trapp's 11 points per game is 25th best in Conference USA.

Latest Line

FAU -2

Owl's Nest Prediction

Rice -6
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Starters should be Botly, Trapp, Raffington,penn, and Massey - the way the year started!!! Poole is not in a season-long slump, he cannot shoot and has questionable basketball iq!  Pray they all shoot well!  Play team ball, And all play defense, not just Trapp and Botely… Then… We could still win 5 games…   Go owls. - also at the end of the game, our best SHOOTERS( not shooter) should have the ball in THEIR  hands!  Team ball seems to disappear and one ir 2 players completely monopolize the ball!  Everyone sees this-why don't the coaches???!!!  GO OWLES!  You guys can win tonite!
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10 minutes till tip off here at The Burrow and there are 17 students in the student section. Yes, I counted. Twice.

Hopefully Rick is right about the traditionally late arriving student section tonight. The boys DESPERATELY need a win tonight and every bit of support will be helpful.
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Tonight's starters for FAU will be Botley, Trapp, Poole, Raffington and Penn.
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Cyrus said

10 minutes till tip off here at The Burrow and there are 17 students in the student section. Yes, I counted. Twice.

Posted On: Feb 21st 2015, 6:48 PM #342567

 :Scared:  :Scared:  :Scared:
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Team looks very loose tonight. Poole, Penn and Botley were dancing on the court before lining up before the National Anthem.
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For what its worth there are a lot more people in the general section than there are in the student section.
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So far FAU has two possessions and two turnovers. Rice already has attempted four threes. Rice is on an 8-0 run to start the game and Curry calls a timeout to settle the boys down.
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FAU gets on the board with Raffington dunk out of the the timeout.
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Poole started the game with 2 turnovers and was immediately pulled for Massey.
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