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Administrators outpacing faculty at FAU


In case you missed it, this was a great article by the University Press…

Here's the key points:

Over the last ten years, as the amount of FAU administrators employed rose from 642 to more than 950 employed last fall, the amount of faculty employed peaked at 1,090 and then started its descent to 1,023 (see sidebar).

And although FAU is still transitioning into a more traditional university, from being known as a commuter school, traditional Florida universities like FSU have far fewer administrators managing far more faculty members.

Last fall, FSU employed 384 administrators to oversee 1,405 faculty members, according to the university’s Office of Institutional Research. And over the last ten years at FSU, the student body has increased from 37,328 to 41.301.

The trend is not abnormal either. Data from the U.S. Department of Education showed universities throughout the nation had increased the number of administrators by 60 percent from 1993 to 2009. Bloomberg Businessweek reported last November that was “10 times the growth rate for tenured faculty.”

With FAU reaching a record 30,301 student enrollment for the first time last fall, and the university still recovering from the last five years of budget cuts, the university has patiently hired more administrators, despite an increasing student-to-faculty ratio necessitating more professors..

When universities employ fewer faculty as enrollment grows and budgets shrink, while hiring more administrators, the universities suffer, according to the American Association of University Professors’ Director of Research and Public Policy, John Curtis.

Makes me wonder how many b.s. positions have been created at FAU so somebody could give their friend a job... and then turn around and sit in a meeting talking about how there's no room in the budget for more faculty.

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I tried to +1 this and gave you points instead, so…spend them wisely?  :)

Interesting article though, helps explain some of the bureaucratic mess at FAU.
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I wonder if the numbers are increasing based how positions are structured, The University has 4 classifications for employees, OPS Other Personnel Services Hourly no Benefits, SP Support Personnel 40 hours + overtime & Benefits, AMP Administrative Managerial Professional Salary & Benefits, and Faculty Salary & Benefits and each one has an associated % tacked on for fringe/benefit rates. OPS is 0%, SP is 37%, AMP is 29%, and Faculty is 26%. I noticed the university slimming down on the SP staff in some areas for example they would hire someone for a clerical position in a Deans office as an AMP employee instead of SP. I suspect that since their hourly and overtime comes into play they hire people on at AMP positions to negate the extra costs of paying out SP employees. This would in theory send the numbers of AMP positions up.  They have also done away with a lot of SP type grounds keeping and maintenance crews for outsourced companies. In exchange hiring a couple employees at AMP to supervise and coordinate with these companies. AMP employees are also contract based unlike SP, its easier for the University to let an AMP employee go. 
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