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Brogan's Herald Editorial: Innovate -- for our future


Brogan's Herald Editorial: Innovate -- for our future

"Here's some good news: Florida's economy is showing some new life. And here's a challenge: Do we want to go back to business as usual, or are we prepared to build something new?

I think we can take steps, now, to make this recovery a turning point – a redesign of Florida into a state of talent and innovation. We can engineer this transformation through long-term investment in Florida's talent engines, our public universities.

Recently, the Board of Governors of the State University System unveiled New Florida, an initiative to generate the talent our state needs to build on its existing economic foundation in aerospace, in bioscience, in technology and in health-related industries. Florida's economy might be in a slump, but our state has the tools it needs to move forward into the innovation economy of the 21st century – if we have the courage to make the right decisions now!"

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