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Brogan to be interviewed on Friday...


Caught up with the BOG by conference call today…


13 Candidates on final list

Lemanski did ntot respond further.

Down to 12

Gave a summary of some of them, but four got a motion for interviews:

•Thomas J. Snyder, president, Ivy Tech Community College

• Frank Brogan, president, Florida Atlantic University

• Steve MacNamara, associate professor of communications, Florida State University.

• Roderick G. Chu, former Chancellor with the Ohio Board of Regents

Tom Snyder will be interviewed first due to comittments.

MacNamara got some laud from a couple attendees - so my guess is that he is Brogan's top competition but he doesnt have the resume…regardless, my gut is that Brogan is the strong front runner.

On a side note:

Someone chimed in at the end with a "complaint" about having this process applicable to the Sunshine Law…another adding that it makes it more difficult to deal with.

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Re: Brogan to be interviewed on Friday...

Brogan to be interviewed on Friday...

Gotta think its almost a lock for him, otherwise why the big goodbye letter.

Course if he doesnt get it and stays its good for us, and if he goes we know he'll always have FAU in his heart and mind.


I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick @$$ and I'm out of bubble gum.

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