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Down at FAU Campus


I was down at the Boca Campus today for a meeting with Mr. Abbott, and I took a walk/drive around to see what is happening around the school.
1. The construction near the overflow parking and business park is for the airport. It will be a admin building.
2. Chick-Fillet will be opening in January, looks pretty much complete.
3. Breezeway looks okay, but some paint from the recent paint job is peeling, and they didn't quite go all the way down to the rec center for the painting job. Still leaks, but that wont be fixed till they get the money in.
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Thanks for the update! I've been very busy at work so I haven't been able to post much. Still, things are pretty quiet right now but I expect construction to ramp up back in the summer (it always does)

- As you mentioned, the Chic-fil-A was apparently delayed "in order to provide the experience that our customers expect from us". Doesn't matter when it opens, really, because it's going to be very popular.

- I didn't know about the airport building; good to know!

- Breezeway renovation is still considered in the planning phase and I'm told they'll have another design charette when the new plans are available. once they are, I don't expect them to deviate much from the design they present.

- The College of Medicine office building got $1.6M added to the funding and will have a third floor, for what that's worth. It will not be in the stadium area.

- Nothing new on the hotel and I hope the construction of the new downtown hotel downtown won't affect it but they definitely look at available inventory in an area to assess need.

- The University is looking to finally, finally renovate the outdated library plaza. It's such an underused social space and it's an opportunity to really make a statement so I'll let you know if I find anything on it.

- Athletics wants to provide a hardwire internet connection at the stadium and seal the leaks in the football stadium. one of the things I noticed is that at halftime people mill about with food in the concourse area of the football stadium and have nowhere but their original seats to sit and enjoy their food; it'd be nice to see some hightops or something down there.

- The Grove (student housing project on NW 5th Avenue) is still being worked out with the City.

- Premier Park on Airport Road has amended their Master Plan to (sadly) eliminate the skydiving simulator and go with same ol' boring cocktail of retail, restaurant and office space instead.

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Athletics also needs to upgrade the wifi at the stadium too. I am using too much of my data plan during the gamees.
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