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Fall 2015 GPA comparisons


According to this Orlando Sentinel article, the average GPAs for incoming freshmen this Fall are:

UF 4.3
FSU 4.1
FAU 3.9
UCF 3.8-3.9

"Though more students from out of state are applying to Florida schools, little has changed in the competitiveness of the state's largest public universities from last school year.

The average test scores and grades remained virtually identical for the average student who was admitted this fall at UCF, UF, FSU and Florida Atlantic University, according to the schools' preliminary numbers.."

Not bad company to be in. When you talk about the impact that President Kelly has had, and the work that has been done by multiple departments to improve our admissions profile, you have to be impressed. Maybe it was an anomaly in some way this year but if we had an average of 3.9 this year, what's to say we couldn't get into the "4 point club" in the next few years?

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Wow. Good stuff. What was the average 25/50/75 sat for a of the Florida schools? 
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