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Florida Atlantic University 500


As everyone knows, the way the FAU Athletic Department moves to the next level is by increasing donors for the program.  There is an effort underway to increase the number of donors.  It is called the FAU 500, and the goal is to get 500 new donors into the program.  FAU has enlisted about 40 current donors (including me) to help with this effort.  For $50 you can become a donor and a member of the Owl Scholarship Fund (OSF).

The money donated goes to fund scholarships for student-athletes.

When FAU hands out scholarships to athletes, the money for that scholarship has to be paid by the University, and ultimately, donors.

The lack of donors is the biggest thing that holds us back when you compare us to other programs.

I think when most people get asked about donating they think thousands of dollars and run screaming.  A little amount can go a long way if the number of donors increases.

Here is an opportunity to get involved.

As a member of the OSF you have opportunities to go to some events. one example happened just last week when we (members) met in the Recruiting room at the stadium and discussed recruiting with Charlie Partridge.  It is a great way to become more informed within the program.

Here is the link to donate: https://fauf.fau.edu/NetCommunity/athletics-500-challenge

You can also select a referrer so they know who told you about this.  my name is on the list (Mark Noll). Feel free to use it, or if you see someone else on the list who may be a friend, feel free to select their name.  The main thing is to join.

I have a large document explaining about the program and the OSF. if you would like me to forward it to you, send me an email and ask for it.   [email protected]

Owls Up!
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Great stuff Mark. I'm looking to join OSF in the next few weeks here when I'm done with finals. I already donate to the Political Science scholarship fund as an alumni.†
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