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Glades Road expansion near Interstate 95 planned


Via the Sentinel…

"The Florida Department of Transportation has plans to make Glades between Butts Road and Florida Atlantic University Boulevard a bit more bearable. While the state has eschewed widening other parts of the road, this 2-mile portion will be widened from six to eight lanes in the future."

"The state Department of Transportation is focused on widening exit and entrance ramps at the I-95 interchange to accommodate more vehicles, according to a Department of Transportation study of the area."

Glades Road: Plans are in works to widen busy road in Boca Raton to eight lanes. - Sun Sentinel
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Are better bike lanes on Glades a good idea…..NOPE.

They need to focus on moving traffic off of Glades not widening, that's for people out west.  Increase capacity on the surrounding East/West corridors and people will change their habits.

Just my 2 cents.

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I thought that was funny…how many people bike/walk the path in relation to the number of cars travelled?

Just another example of political policy that caters to a ridiculously small minority and results in complete wasted spending - something we are famous for in the US.

Besides that, one might be foolish to even try and bike along side cars on an eight lane road.

Is there a decent trust factor to be maintained in relation to all of the unknown conditions the drivers are operating under?


On a side note:

Surprised someone hasn't lobbied to add bike lanes on I-95 - yet.

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Well biking along a road is inherently dangerous because of the traffic regardless of how many lanes. It's not so much the number of lanes but the speed of the traffic.

You have to remember that this is long-range planning too, so when they put the new Tri-Rail station in by the old King's Deli at Glades and Military, there are theoretically going to be people getting off the train and biking from the station to campus that can use the bike lanes. But you're right, it's not going to be that many people.

I'm a little surprised they're still doing this what with the new I-95 exit at Spanish River that will take some pressure off Glades.

If the 95/Spanish River exit doesn't sufficiently do the trip I think the DOT may have to seriously consider some kind of light rail situation along Glades. Problem is that's going to be incredibly expensive.

This is an area where FAU, the City and the DOT need to come up with a new strategy because the existing ones aren't really working. El Rio Trail goes to the Yamato station, barely anybody uses it. There are shuttles and buses that connect with the trains but barely anybody uses it. And so on.

FAU has to find a way to get fewer people to drive to campus, plain and simple, because there are far too many people driving like 30 minutes to campus and then spending another 15+ minutes looking for parking. It's a brutal way to attend college and it clogs the roads.

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