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Glades Road to Employ Toll Lanes??

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Glades Road to Employ Toll Lanes??

Well, that's what the think-tank at the FDOT is looking into, at a whopping cost of $2.5M of your hard earned tax dollars.

If the study were to amount to a fruition in change, you could always take a Public Transit Bus that would be able to travel in one of the lanes; but it would mean giving up your private ride.

The question to beg is why pay a toll to travel a road you already fund paving/maintenance on through city and county taxes. Double taxation?

FAU traffic generates primarily from the east and west bound exits of 95, so no reason the other parts should encounter a fee under the name of the University - wait and see if that comes up though.

Complete waste of money IMO, just limit the commercial licenses handed out on the road - problem solved. Wait, local government didn't consider that, over extended them, and is now being trumped by the state nosing around in how to "fix the problem".

If tolls were to happen, where will the monies collected go?

We all know the answer to that question before it is officially answered: Not Palm Beach County, or Boca Raton for that matter. Rather, some bureaucratic coffer resulting in pork barrel spending.

Anyway, rant over, here's the story:

FDOT study will consider express toll lanes on State Road 7, Glades Road

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Re: Glades Road to Employ Toll Lanes??

Express road to the FAU Football stadium? Overpass from Glades/airport rd directly to FAU Football stadium? ;)
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