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Good News for FAU Lately

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Looking back since the beginning of the year, except for the shooting at University Park, the university has had good news it can be proud of. FAU has increased its rankings to number 1 tying with UCF among state colleges. WPBF covered the ceremony for medical students finding out where they were going for their residency, and President Kelly was interviewed by the Palm Beach Post by what attracted him to the position President of the school and it was the potential and location of FAU. I think it has been a really good time for FAU. 
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Compared to the last year under Saunders, it's markedly better.

I almost have to wonder if the press was intentionally running so many stories vs Saunders to fluster her into quitting, but that's just speculation. If it was true then I'm glad they did because we're progressing nicely under Kelly.

I think another decade of this, if he keeps it up and stays, will elevate us from an "okay" school to a "good" school. It's a tall order but we're making progress.

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