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Naren Gursahaney - College of Business Scholarship


I didn't see this posted and not sure how much press this has received.

This past Friday was Naren's last day at ADT as the acquisition deal by Apollo will put a new person at the helm of ADT this coming Monday.  During the celebration for Naren this past Friday, Dean Gropper was present and it was announced that ADT made a donation of $10,000 to fund the Naren Gursahaney College of Business scholarship.

Naren is one of the greatest leaders I have had the privilege to work with and hopefully students will have the opportunity in the future to hear him speak on business and his career.

A new chapter in ADT's history begins and I am hopeful the ADT/FAU relationship continues; not only from a sports marketing and Foundation perspective, but also from the numerous opportunities that have been provided to FAU students as interns and employees.
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