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New Capital Improvements Plan


New Capital Improvements Plan

On the List

$36M renovation of the Boca Library
$9M Vivarium (?)
$10M Recital Hall
$25M Science and Technology Library
$25M USGS Joint Use Lab in Davie
$20M Institute for the Study of Peace and Social Justice
$42M Convocation Center/Arena (looks like 2012ish, v. nice!)
$45M Engineering Building
$10M Alzheimer's Care and Research Center
>$50M Schmidt Biomedical Center

and the big one…..

$263M Innovation Village


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Re: New Capital Improvements Plan

I think the Institute for the study of Peace and Social Justice has been on there forever.

The Vivarium is place to keep animals used in biological research. They have a small area north of the Behavorial Sciences building right now that serves that purpose and I think they want to expand/replace that.

Yeah, I was hoping I was reading that right… the Convocation Center should get funding over a couple of year's time and be up by 2012 if we're interepreting that correctly.

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