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Pretty cool quotes from Buffalo Bash at Mizner

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From this Little Problems blog:

"Alpha Xi Delta sorority and Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Florida Atlantic University joined together and hosted their very first annual "Buffalo Bash" on April 13th, 2014. "Buffalo Bash" is a wing festival where local restaurants came and showcased their best version of the chicken wing for the public to try and vote on their favorite.

on the day of the philanthropy event they had rainy weather, but that did not keep the friends, family, and community members away. The event ended up being a huge success. $12,000 was raised for Autism speaks that day, but it was not the only thing these chapters earned. They gained the support of  a local community of Boca Raton's support and the Florida governor's, as well. The Boca Raton's mayor, Susan Haynie, gave a proclamation at the event, emphasizing how excited she was for the upcoming years and how she couldn't wait for the event to grow. Florida's govenor, Rick Scott, wrote the chapters a personalized letter expressing his gratitude for the huge donation they made to Autism Speaks.

Before this, no one from FAU’s Greek Life has reached out to the community, and we assumed that they didn’t respect or appreciate Greek Life. Through this event, we found out just the opposite. The mayor was so impressed with our efforts she nearly had tears in her eyes. She even gave us suggestions on how to make next year an even bigger success and how to get even more distinct Boca Raton community members on board. Other council members were also in attendance and expressed the same gratitude. It was great to see Alpha Xi Delta and Alpha Tau Omega make an impact not only for Autism Speaks, but also for the Boca Raton community."

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with all of the negativity going on (especially with different chapters), it's great to read something positive.  thanks for sharing.  this is refreshing.  
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