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Recognition for Hospitality program


Anyone a graduate of this program or know someone who is? Curious how good it is.

Found this on Twitter. Highlights:

- Top 25 Best Value College for online MBA
- Recognized as a "Top Hospitality Program in state of Florida"
- "MBA in Hospitality Mgmt ranked 5th in US on ROI

Read more here


This was one of the main reasons we wanted a hotel on campus, to give students a "living laboratory" in which to work. In that sense it would give us a leg up on UCF, which currently leads in Florida. In late 2015 the UCF BOG approved a plan for an upscale 135-room, four-star hotel at the edge of campus but it appears to be more for "faculty  and student recruitment" without academic space save for a conference center. By comparison, ours would be 200 beds and a conference center.

However, the news about the FAU on-campus hotel came out in 2013. We haven't heard anything new about it in 3 years.

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