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SeaTech and HBOI

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SeaTech and HBOI

From the BOT notes looks like FAU and Dania are trying to work out a deal whereby the Marina will be turned over to Dania completely and the facilities for FAU will be turned over to FAU with some cash coming to FAU for this. Previously we leased the site from Dania and leased the Marina to private companies.

Seems like a good idea, get official ownership in perpetuity of a prime site for the Ocean Engineering program and all of the ground-breaking research they have been doing.

On the other side of the coin we have HBOI where FAU is looking to get a cooperative agreement with St Lucie School District to eventually expand the Marine Oceanographic Academy (run by St Lucie County Schools) into a 4-year specialized high school.

Also sounds like a good idea, if we can get talented high school students working with FAU early, we can hopefully get them to stick around.

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Re: SeaTech and HBOI

Always good to hear things about the marine science programs. I don't know the details, but I would be a little worried about turning the marina over to Dania. I hope that they do not try and develop it into a condo. Marinas are a dying business, its a shame.

On the other side, it is good to hear about the Marine academy up north. I wish I had something like that to go to in high school. The more attention these programs get, the better. FAU has two of the leading experts on sea turtle reasearch at the boca campus, Dr's. Wyneken and Salmon. Not many people know that, but if you do a search for seaturtle literature, you are garunteed to see their names multiple times.

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